Why Alignment?

Wheel alignment is a car maintenance task that is essential for ensuring that your car is safe, reliable and performs at the top of its capacity – having properly aligned wheels is crucial for your car’s fuel efficiency and maneuverability and it also influences the extent of wear and tear sustained by your car tires. Whether you drive an old car or a complex, modern vehicle, such as a Subaru, alignment tasks need to be handled regularly, by an experienced mechanic – here are a few things that you should know about the process.

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How often should I get my wheels aligned?

While some experts recommend car owners to take their vehicle to a mechanic for wheel alignment every 2-3 years, Subaru recommends at least a yearly evaluation. Depending on how extensively the car is used and on the type of terrain that the vehicle is driven on, you may be able to go longer between alignments. If you mostly drive on highways in your Subaru, alignments might not need to be done very frequently, but if you often drive on bumpy and difficult terrain, you might want to step up the frequency of your visits to our Service Center. And of course, if you notice anything unusual in your performance or handling, have our Subaru service team take a look. They have all the right tools to evaluate your car and get you back on the road safely.

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What actually happens during a wheel alignment?

During the tire alignment process, your vehicle will be lifted onto a special machine that has clamp-like attachments and suspended. The attachments will be fastened to the car’s wheels, then the engine is started and the clamps transmit the measurements obtained from the wheels to a computer to detect any deviation from the ideal suspension angle. The data are then analyzed by the mechanic and the ideal angles of the drive-train components are restored, giving back the car its stability and reliability. During the alignment check-up, your mechanic will also make sure that any worn suspension components are identified and replaced.

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How do alignments affect overall performance?

Properly aligned tires are essential for your car’s performance and safety. Improperly aligned tires will make your car’s engine work harder to move the car, therefore proper alignment is an important factor that determines your car’s fuel efficiency. If you neglect improper alignment, the fault can cause further damage to your car’s suspension system and will cause your tires to sustain premature wear and tear, so the alignment is very important for your car’s overall health. Your vehicle wheels need to be properly aligned for safety reasons as well – you must have proper Subaru alignment to be sure that your beloved Japanese car is safe to maneuver and steering it is equally safe and easy on any terrain.

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In this video you'll learn some of the symptoms that might mean it's time to have your alignment checked.
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Oil Change and Fluids Service at Premier Subaru. 

How Often Should I Bring My Vehicle in for an Oil Change?

This can vary. Each vehicle is different and requires unique attention. Generally, oil changes should occur every few months or every few thousand miles. Our technicians can help determine if and when your vehicle needs an oil change.

What Kind of Oil Does my Vehicle Need?

Again, this varies. There are dozens of varieties of motor oils and every engine needs the proper type to function properly. Whether you need 5W-20 or 10W-30, synthetic or high-mileage, we can help determine what kind of oil is best for your engine.

Can I Change My Vehicle's Oil Myself?

Technically, yes - but we recommend using a certified mechanic. Mechanics have specialized training and knowledge for specific vehicle makes and models. Our technicians know the specs and required steps for servicing Subaru models.

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