Your brakes might be a small part of your car, but they're one of the most important systems. When you hit your brakes, brake pads are pushed into contact with the brake rotors, squeezing the rotor until it stops, over and over again, hundreds of thousands of times during its lifetime. Even though pads and rotors are made from durable materials, they need attention and maintenance to be able to constantly deliver safe and reliable performance.
From turning and grinding rotors, to replacing pads, rotors, springs and calipers, your Subaru specialists will keep your braking system in top shape.

Signs You Might Need Your Brakes Checked

Most of the time, brakes systems don't fail without first giving off signs. Brakes send out messages such as unusual noises or changes in a car’s behavior – here are a few things to be on the lookout for: 

1) Unusual noises coming from the brakes or wheels – squeaks, squeals and grinding are common sounds of a brake system in distress. Typically, these indicate an issue with brake pads or rotors. A deep, grinding sound also tells you that your brakes are not operating at peak efficiency 

2) The indicator light on your dashboard comes up – most modern vehicles have sensors to detect wear and tear on the pads, and can detect issue that don't give off a recognizable sound. A brake check at our Service Center is a relatively quick process and a great way to catch problems before they become too severe. 

3) You feel vibrations or "pulsing" when you push the brake pedal – if you feel anything other than a normal resistance, then something is probably amiss in your brake system. It could be anything from a vacuum leak to air or water in your lines. Either way, this should be taken care of immediately. 

4) Longer braking distance – you might feel like your pushing the brakes harder than you used to. Chances are your pads have worn very thin and are approaching failure. Call us right away if you notice this problem.

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Different Types of Brake Pads

Most brake pads are semi-metallic and quite durable, with a strong heat transfer capacity.

Organic pads use non-asbestos materials like fibers.

Low-metallic pads are a combination of organic materials and metal.

Ceramic pads, though the most expensive option, offers better performance and less noise.

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Worn-out Pads Might Mean Other Problems

Wear patterns on brake pads may indicate a fault in other vehicle components, such as other components in the brake system or your suspension. Uneven wear on the surface of the pads can help diagnose a problem: more wear on the outer part of the pads might be a sign that other components of the brake, such as the slides, the guide pins or the bushings are malfunctioning. If the wear is more severe on the inner part of the pads, it often tells us that either the caliper is damaged or the system is affected by corrosion. A tapered wear pattern usually points to an incorrect installation.
The deformities on the edges of the brake pads are also signs of more complex problems – cracked or lifted pad edges can signal a malfunctioning caliper or a parking brake that can no longer be fully retracted. All these problems require immediate action – in some cases, only a complete brake change is the only way to solve the issue, in other cases, rotors can be turned or ground smooth; if you are lucky, simple pad replacement is enough, but you need an expert to determine the best course of action.

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Everything is Riding on your Brakes

With all of life's starts and stops, you eventually need a rest. For your Subaru to come to a rest, it needs well-maintained brakes. Our factory trained technicians are experienced in brake inspections and replacement, and they know the right parts that are specifically engineered for your vehicle.

Brake Fluid

Using only Genuine Subaru brake fluid is the best way to ensure you are treating your entire braking system with only the best. Keeping an eye on your fluid levels is important, but it takes a trained technician to tell if yours might need replacement as well. Next time you are in the area, stop in for our Express Service and we can check all your fluids -- and more -- to give you more peace of mind.
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Genuine Subaru Parts

Did you know Genuine Subaru brake pads are made and tested with specific materials that not only help you stop safely, but help regulate the balance and control of your vehicle while braking? Other repair shops may recommend any replacement brake parts, but we have the correct ones that are calibrated to work specifically with your vehicle's braking system so you remain in control if you need to step hard on the brakes. With systems like Vehicle Dynamics Control and EyeSight®, it's crucial to use Genuine Subaru Parts in order for this technology to operate at its best.
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