Cranking Amps and Other Battery Specs

The battery in your car is responsible for starting the car as well as for keeping the electronic components running during your rides, therefore choosing the battery of the right type, quality and capacity is essential for keeping your car operational. There are many factors to bear in mind when selecting your car battery, including cold cranking amps, size and design – here are some battery selection basics.

The Importance of Cranking Amps and Reserve Capacity
The two most important specs to look for with new battery are reserve capacity and cold cranking amps (CCA). The latter feature refers to the power that the battery is able to deliver upon starting, while the former refers to the number of minutes that the battery is able to store power at a specific load. You don’t need to do any guesswork when choosing the right battery amps and storage capacity – all you need to do is to consult your vehicle’s manual, all the technical specs are contained in the document.

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What's inside your battery

The most conventional battery types in this respect are the units that contain liquid electrolyte, also called lead-acid flooded batteries. 

The batteries that contain jellified electrolyte are more modern and more durable, making them suitable for vehicles driven on rugged terrain – gel batteries do not need to be kept upright and do not pose the risk of causing damage to other vehicle components if the battery case gets cracked or deformed. 

The third, most modern battery type is the Absorbed Glass Matte or AGM battery – these units are completely spill-proof, they are the fastest to charge and are completely maintenance free.

Design Types and Other Features

Another important thing to pay attention to when selecting a battery is size – the battery that you buy needs to fit into the space provided for the battery; a unit that is too large or not of the right shape cannot be squeezed in. 

Things get a bit more complicated when you look at the battery designs available. The two main battery types are maintenance required and maintenance free batteries. Most car owners today prefer maintenance free batteries – they are a bit more expensive than the ones that need regular check and top-ups, but they offer the peace of mind that your battery is functioning without having to be opened and verified all the time

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