Wiper Care

Windshield wipers always need to stay in top condition because your ability to see the road, especially at night or during bad weather, is paramount in being able to drive safely.
Wipers are made from soft materials to protect your glass, but that means they will wear down faster than many other parts of your Subaru. Having a regular routine of checking and replacing your wiper blades is one of the most cost-effective ways to ensure the safety of everyone around you.

Many windshield issues can be addressed by simply replacing your wiper blades. If water beads up, or wiper action creates a haze, just clean the glass and replace the blades. Beading and hazing are most often caused by car wax build-up or driving behind a vehicle that was losing brake fluid or engine oil. If wipers leave streaks or "skip" on each stroke, the arm may be bent or applying incorrect pressure. Blades and arms should be inspected every four to six months.

Also, whenever you wash your car, take a soft rag and wipe down your wipers. This will help remove grit and leaves from them, as well as give you a reason to do a quick visual inspection -- if you notice cracks or dried out rubber, you can pop on a new set with very little trouble.

Filter Care

Road dust, fuel system condensation and engine-oil sludge are unseen enemies that can cause harm to your engine, or prevent it from working at its best. Your best defense? Visit your Subaru dealer for genuine Subaru filter replacements to help ensure that your engine lives a healthy, high-mileage life. Refer to your vehicle's Warranty and Maintenance Booklet for recommended maintenance schedules.
Remember, ALWAYS insist on genuine Subaru Filters.

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Shocks & Struts

The shocks and struts of your Subaru absorb the impact from unfortunate bumps in the road, and they help keep your ride feeling comfortable. We'll review them during our multi-point inspection, along with the other components of your suspension system, to make sure your vehicle handles safely and rides smoothly. Sharp turns, cruising curves at freeway speeds, and hard braking can be handled confidently with healthy shocks and struts.

Shocks and struts influence the control and handling characteristics of your vehicle while holding the tires to the road. They control the action of the spring to resist bottoming out -- like when you hit a pothole -- and keep the movement of the springs under control when they rebound. Without shocks and struts, a vehicle would continually bounce and bound down the road, making driving difficult.

"It is important that shocks and struts are in top condition during the Fall/Winter months," says James Plogger, vice president of sales for Gabriel Ride Control Products, Inc. "It is recommended that vehicle owners have their vehicles' ride control systems checked by an ASE certified service technician."

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Winter Care

With Fall/Winter weather fast approaching, now is the time to tackle the simple maintenance tasks that keep your Subaru in top running condition.

Timely maintenance does more than keep your Subaru running smoothly. It can help increase your car's trade-in value, improve its mileage, and save you time and costly repairs down the road.

What to Check this Winter
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