Keep Your Tires Rotated and Inflated for Safety at our Middlebury Dealership

Owning a vehicle has a lot of responsibility attached to it, but how can drivers in Middlebury and local Connecticut towns keep it all straight? With help from our service team you can understand the proper service schedule to keep your new Subaru model running at its best. Part of this involves the tires, which many customers take for granted, but they are an integral part of how your vehicle handles, turns, and performs in our tricky northeastern climate and road conditions.

With tires, inflation is a good thing. Without proper inflation, your tires won't grip the road as well as they should, creating unsafe driving conditions. Generally, your tires should be looked over each time you fill your tank with gas, ensuring you spot a nail in the tread, excessive wear, and other red flags. If you notice your tires are low or don't look right, the placard in the driver's side door informs you of the proper pressure level, so take a moment to double check that it is correct.

Have them rotated on a regular basis. It is recommended that these models have tires rotated every 7,500 miles, according to Subaru, but your driving conditions and habits may warrant more frequent rotations, so discuss your specific needs with our team.

Replace all the tires at once. Don't replace one or two, replace all four for the best performance from your vehicle and the best level of safety. Also be certain that the tires you choose fit your vehicle and are designed to stand up to the specific engine power. Your tires should also be all the same brand, tread patter, and manufacturer for the best results.

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